A Retired Military Lady Now a Business Coach

business-coaching-changeI was posted in the Gulf a couple of years back and seemed to have just enough of military life. My husband had passed away and my only son was married and in the States. Now I am back in the States but not living with my son but have taken an independent home as I take pride in my privacy. I met a couple of friends during the weekend and we got down to talking about things in general and soon the topic turned to business. We were all active still and so decided to bring a nutritional supplement that will be very useful for one and all but most importantly for the marines.

caci-vsdi-teamIt was not very long before I started marketing this nutritional supplement which was a single power packed supplement that would serve the marines in good stead.  The idea behind this supplement was to provide the marines such a product that would meet their daily bodily needs. In fact this supplement happened to be a blessing in disguise for my colleagues who thanked me abundantly for it.

Having no active duty work I felt this was the right business I had got into. Later I found that there were over so many people doing over two point four million small_business_networkingworth of business after leaving the services. In fact as per records the total business being done was about one point trillion dollars among five point eight million people. Many government agencies, colleges and institutions started sitting up and recognizing our contribution to the market at large. Even the private sectors have recognized the effort that has gone into this type of business and the opportunities that it has opened for veterans like me.

Being a veteran and being successful in business I then decided to go a step further and become a business coach. It was not that easy but once I got into the shoes I soon learnt the ropes the-nbas-first-full-time-female-assistant-coach-won-the-summer-league-and-now-shes-seen-as-a-legit-head-coaching-candidateand now I feel that I can share my successful tips with those who wish to become like me. First was to make my designer card mentioning that I was Business coach. Soon I learnt that Coaches are now the second fastest and largest growing profession in the world. In fact there are over sixty six lac sites available that one can choose from. There are two advantages of being a business coach. One is good and the other is bad. The good news is that needs to identify one as a Business Coach but the bad news is that one get to live with that tag of choice. Here are few tips that I would like to share.

  1. Doing some serious personal introspection to know the benefits and also to build one’s confidence.
  2. Staying updated with business world through reading and researching.
  3. Keeping good relations with clients so as to get a feedback that is positive.
  4. Getting into the habit of asking and knowing what one wants.
  5. Having a formal contract so as to make one a hundred per cent confident.